Please read our F.A.Q section to learn valuable tips.

Absolutely! Our guanos have different N-P-K values and mixing them together allows you to tailor your nutrient program to your plants’ needs. Just don’t ever exceed 2 tablespoons per gallon.
Yes, this is a great question. Many plants use lots of micronutrients via the soil microbes. If fast growth or bloom is required, these micronutrients are used very quickly and the absorption rate of the the different mineral is ever changing.
This soil is very arid and the goal of an all organic mix poses issues of readily available calcium and magnesium so as not to lock up the media. We suggest a liquid calcium that is organic be used sparingly during nutrient feeding whether grow or bloom stage.
Top dressing is usually utilized outdoors or very sparingly in containers. When top dressing Vital Earth’s Products such as Mega Worm, Vital Earth’s Organic Compost OMRI, and Powdered Glacial Rock, then use the recommended dose or as desired based on the stages of growth or bloom by the applicant and no burning shall occur.
When utilizing Vital Earth’s 7-7-2, 5-9-4, 0-9-0, or any other fertilizer with NPK values, caution should be taken as the top dressing will last up to 2-3 weeks after application. Top dressing should occur once every 2-3 weeks and not sooner.
Of course!!!! Anti-stress beneficial bacteria based kelp wash is excellent for transplant shock in all stages of growth and bloom as well as heat stress reducing. These beneficial bacteria are nitrogen fixing, drawing nitrogen from the air requiring less high nitro fertilization reducing the stress on microbial populations. The phosphorus solubilizing bacteria are also drawing phosphorus from soil creating new root growth as well as available phosphorus for fruiting and flowering.
Should I add perlite to Vital Earth’s Potting Soil?
We recommend using Vital Earth’s PHC BioPak when transplanting to reduce stress and create growth results seen w/ 18hrs of using the product. Use enough of the watering solution as to wet the center of the transplants and the outside area of a container gently to create very minimal runoff. With little run off, less liquid is used. Plants being transplanted under optimum conditions (75degree day/ 65degree night) without over watering, will create a wet media that roots can move through rather than hitting mud.
Very carefully use 1/2 to 1/4 of the recommended dose.
Yes, in 2yd totes & 55yd trucks, great!!!
No, never put dry guano in a reservoir w/out putting it first in a compost tea making bag or some sort of filter or screen. Particulates will clog pumps & irrigation.
Yes, the liquids are enzymatically produced and won’t clog pumps or irrigation.
Vital Earth’s Liquid Fertilizers should be used up until the 5-7 weeks of fruiting & flowering and discontinued so as to flush the fruit or vegetable for 2-4 weeks w/ plain water, this will allow for no bad tastes or unwanted odors.
Yes, if you have your own great recipes, then why not use the highest quality organic ingredients.
Both Vital Earth’s Potting Soil & Manna Mix are ready to go. They both very much need nutrients to fully thrive and water alone will not cut it.
No, the phosphorus will be to available and can cause nutrient burn or over fertilization.
The nutrient threshold of the plant has been achieved and the plant needs less fertilizer in the next feeding. Or to be safe and breakdown any undissolved fertilizers so salt build up doesn’t occur, use Vital Earth’s PHC BioPak.
The soil will work the same once it is brought into the growing area for 24hr-48hrs and left in the bags to warm up. If the soil is heavy from moisture, less liquid solution is used when transplanting.
After transplanting using BioPak, wait for 4-6 days before starting a Vital Earth’s fertilizer program. Watering schedule should occur every 3-5 days depending on temperature and climate of grow area.
A natural mineral product produced by thousands of years of glacial action. A wide variety of rocks containing a spectrum of trace minerals are collected and pulverized by the expansion/contraction action of the glacier. This product replaces key soil elements, reversing soil depletion. Excellent source of readily available calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium plus trace elements and micronutrients. Increases phosphorus availability and improves CEC.
Vital Earth’s CoCo Coir bails are superior to all other coco pith! This is due to the fact that quality control begins at our source in northern India far from the sea. We have “SUPERWASHED” the coir blocks via our own proprietary recipe. The salinity is under 200 ppm when blocked, and if desired one washing will bring ppm’s below 100 ppm, if needed. The pH is 6.5 with no buffers, truly 100% natural and organic coco pith. There is no chemical nutrient charge in the coco pith. We use our specialty “SUPERWASHED” coco pith blocks in the production of Vital Earth’s Loose Coco which comes in 1.5 cubic foot bags, 2 yard totes, and bulk high-end dump cubes for your farming ease and needs. Vital Earth’s CoCo Lite is made from the “SUPERWASHED” coir blocks mixed with perlite, glacial rock powder, and Vital Earth’s Mycorrhizal blend. CoCo Lite is available in 2 cubic foot bags, 2 yard totes, and high-end dump cubes in bulk.
Yes, always pH your tea for vegetative cycle 6 to 6.5, in bloom cycle 6.5 to 7.
No, just use Vital Earth’s BioPak when transplanting.
Yes, you can. So please make sure you follow instructions and do not overfeed your plants.
Not recommended, but known to be a possibility for advanced gardeners.
Yes, we test all of our products to make sure they are free of heavy metals.
No, they can’t read organic fertilizer accurately, but can definitely be a rough gauge used to determine if the PPMs of your solution are too high.
Vital Earth’s 1-1-17 can be used in the vegetative growth cycle or bloom cycle of all seeds, seedlings, plants, veggies, and trees. Wonderful to use during all bloom feedings.
We had a formulated prorietary blend of 25 endo/ecto strains that have proven effective in the field for 15 years prior to our release of Vital Earth’s Mycorrhizae. Also, we wanted to ensure that when using the product during transplant that all essential base minerals were available to the transplant.
When formulating Vital Earth’s 3-2-2, we at Conscious Earthworks, LLC required that the All Purpose 3-2-2 be very soluble and complete. We started with a 15-4-2 high nitro bat guano and combined it with a few kinds of prized seabird guano from around the planet. We then added an all organic alfalfa meal, Vital Earth’s Powdered Glacial Rock, organic calmag, and organic greensand. We reserved the highest npk guanos for all our Vital Earth’s Blends: 7-7-2, 5-9-4, 0-9-0, 8-4-4, 3-2-2 and they are very soluble, so good aroma is key, and pure!
Vital Earth’s BioPak contains nitrogen-repairing bacteria as well as phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria. The nitrogen-repairing bacteria draw nitrogen from the air and deliver the essential element to the root zone for green leafy growth accompanied by B1 vitamins and humic acid for nutrient uptake.
Yes, of course. Vital Earth’s BioPak contains B1, humic acids, & phosphorus solubilizing bacteria which help aid in root development and growth. When using Vital Earth’s BioPak during the rooting process, use at a rate of 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water.